About Our Company

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A few words about us...

Concorde Construction Company is a full-service general contractor. We are a team of seasoned professionals with more than 12 million square feet of completed projects with a value of over $700 million throughout the Southeast. We offer the experience and sophistication of a large organization, yet the personal service of a small company.

Concorde Construction Company was founded in 1994 by Charles "Charley" Hodges. In 2005 David Privitera joined the company as Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, giving Concorde Construction Company a spring board for greater growth. In January 2011, David was named President of Concorde Construction. Charley and David possess many long standing relationships with the business community dating back to 1979.

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What We Offer

Execution: Effective execution at every level of our organization is mission-critical to our success. Our team's ability to execute with "zero-defects" has allowed our clients to rely on consistent schedule, quality and budget results.

Communication: Our belief is that you cannot over-communicate when it comes to the details. Consistent, accurate and timely communication at all levels of our organization has proven to be a simple but highly effective tool in our success.

People: Who we surround ourselved with is one of the most important decisions a person can make. At Concorde, we know that all members of our project teams, both inside and outside of our organization must be of the single mindset to do what is best for the client.

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Our Team

Charles Hodges - Chairman of the Board                                       David Privitera - President/CEO                                Ken Burns - Vice President of Pre-Construction

John Speight - Vice President of Quality Assurance                   Amanda Gardner - Controller                                    Sue Colvin - Operations Manager/Secretary

Spring Weich - Office Manager                                                            Dan Kerber - Sr. Project Manager                             Adam Jones  - Sr. Project Manager

Brian Ambrose - Sr. Project Manager                                               Ben Morris - Project Manager                                     Justin Therrell - Project Manager

Shaun Atkinson - Project Manager                                                    Atlee Honse - Project Superintendent                    Jason Iles - Project Superintendent

James Sloan - Project Superintendent                                           Lee Aultman - Project Superintendent                   John Carl - Project Superintendent    

Matt Oar - Project Superintendent                                                   Rob Moore - Project Superintendent                        Michael McCarson - Assistant Superintendent

Matthew Young - Assistant Superintendent                                 Greg Russell - Pre-Construction Manager